Who would have thought that a robot would would paint our walls like an artist?

Robot Muralist (formerly Spray Printer) was founded by Mikael Joala. He invented the mural painting robot Albert (shown below). Joala himself is a street artist from Estonia and according to him, this robot can paint murals 100 times faster than humans.

The mural painting robot works much like a traditional printer, by spraying small dots as an inkjet printer.

The Robot consists of two parts, first is the head which carries the spray cans. The other component is the spooling mechanism which carries the robot around, the two fans seen above press the robot against the wall.

The magic of Robot Muralist is in the algorithm. The image is first uploaded in the computer along with the data of the wall, the algorithm then scales the image accordingly while traversing across the wall.

Robot Muralist has been featured in numerous online publications, most lately they were signed up by Mindvalley to create murals in Croatia

What do you think? Do you think the era of traditional graffiti artists is over? or are we heading into a new era of collaboration between man and machine.