Photogrpahy is best defined by Dorothea Lange, “Photography takes an instant out of time, altering life by holding it still.” Such an inspiring portrayal of this visual art in words, helps defining the very purpose of photography. The art of capturing moments through photographs that shout intensity is found in this brilliant Professional Photographer from Kuwait : Shuab Rana.

Meet the Visual Artist!

Shuaib Rana emerges as no ordinary photographer, because his hawk-eye for detecting aesthetic quality and managing to capture it, is what defines his art. He found the meaning of his existence in the art of photography, when he learnt different photographic techniques in order to teach his friend. In his early 20s, he progressed into the field of photography, but with great diligence he struggled in experimenting different photographic styles on his own. This is the time period that exposed him to explore the artistry of the physical nature of his ambiance and the people around him.

Specialty : headshots

Expansion into his career:

Shuaib’s career as a professional photographer picked up pace, when he went to Dubai. He says:

“I shot a beautiful Russian girl in Dubai. That’s my favorite and quickest shoot, and it landed me into many more amazing projects.”

After being exposed to shoots on international grounds, Shuaib’s distinctive photography got recognized, due to which he received life-changing experiences through his projects.Aesthetic Photo-shoot Celeb Photo-shoot:

Shahid AfridiSaba Qamar
Saba Qamar & Asim AzharHyper Realism Photography

Advice from Shuaib Rana

‘My mentor, and close friend once gave me a tip, while I was trying to learn guitar. He said, “It is no difficult, you just don’t know how to do it.” This is how I start my every lesson.’

On the basis of skills’ competence, Shuaib hires the following :

1) Assistant,

2) Makeup Artist,

3) Stylist,

4) Coordinator,

5) Art Director,

6) Set Designer,

7) Models,

8) Light Crew

Contact Shuaib Rana on his following pages for a photo shoot: