Despite absorbing nutrients from our food, it is mandatory that growing children and even adults consume their vitamins and other nutritional supplements.

Pill boxes and tablet bottles are available of all kind, but why open up different pill bottles one at a time and then rush to get a glass of water, when you can have a Pill box attached to a bottle.

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Say Bye Bye to this!

Say hello! to Asobu Pill Organizer. Yes, these pill organizers are specifically designed for people who want to keep their nutritional and prescription pills (taken regularly) in one place. This organizer eradicates the very need to get up and fill up a glass of water.

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This sophisticated styling of the pill organizer exerts a sleek outlook to the onlooker. Introducing it’s five color range that are appealing to the carrier of this pill organizer.  the new, sleek “In Style”

Eye-Pleasing Color RangeImage result for pill box and waterFeatures of Asobu Pill Organizer
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Pill Box Separation with a Cup like CapImage result for travel pill box and waterImage result for asobu pill holderThe pill box can easily be removed from the bottle to access the pills. The bottle cap, not only secures the escape of water from the bottle, but it also functions like a cup.

Perfect for:

Morning Exercises: Jogs, Runs, Yoga, etc.Image result for asobu pill holder joggingTravelling/Exploration Activities: Mountaineering, Hiking, etc.Image result for pill organizer bottle yogaIn addition to its useful utility in daily life, it is an ideal travel bottle for those who wish to avoid buying up water bottles for swallowing their pills.

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