Extraordinary, isn’t it? how our muscles function vigorously in helping our locomotion throughout our daily routine. But what happens when our muscles are worked up too much ? Spasms, Muscular Strains, Sports Injuries, Joint Popping, Pulled Muscles and Muscular Tears come to greet your muscles, causing you discomfort in skeletal movement.

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But not anymore, say: “bye bye” to all these nasty pains with the new and refined: Ice Pack Wrap. Approved and recommended by many physiotherapists to accelerate muscular healing.

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Key Features:

1. Easy Adjustability

It’s moldable clay pack allows you to wrap it around any part of your body, whether it is your arm, waist, arms, legs. It’s elasticity provides easy adjustability on the body part of the targeted muscle group,as well as skeletal mobility.

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It’s natural clay and nylon fillings are CE certified and FDA approved, as it succeeds to ensure safe and healthy results of its usage. Using the Ice Pack Wrap is best for providing your muscles with extended therapy, because the clay stays cool and warm, regardless whichever therapy you choose.

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3. Cold/Hot Therapy: Relaxing effects

Cold Compression is excellent for reducing inflammation/swelling because it causes reduction in blood flow to calm down the swollen areas.

Image result for Large Flexible Gel Ice Pack & WrapIn contrast to this, hot compression excites the blood flow that eases the muscular pains. Exercising hot or cold therapy is your choice. Both effectively help with: post surgery muscle sores and muscle related issues after a heavy workout.Related image4. Compression Strap:

The neoprene wetsuit material of the compression strap insulates the clay pack and shields the bare skin during its application.

Researchers have found that executing a Hot/Cold Therapy helps the body recover faster, especially in the cases of: arthritis, muscle spasms, strained/pulled muscles, swelling and inflammation, etc.

Image result for physiocare gel packWhat sets PhysioCare apart from other ice packs is its retaining capacity of gel in a larger amount that sustains both cold and hot temperatures for much longer.

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Freeze for cold treatment and heat it up using a microwave for hot compression.

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