Lahore may be awash with eateries promising the yummiest of sweets , but if you are looking for a place that effectively does feed your sweet cravings , worry not for we have got you covered.’Mithaas’ , by Maryam Yousaf Sheikh is an online dessert shop, nothing less than bliss for all the dessert lovers out there.

We engaged in a conversation with Maryam Yousaf Sheikh, the CEO of ‘Mithaas’  to gain an insight into the dialectics of her venture.

What is Mithaas?
Mithaas is an “online” dessert shop of sorts, something I had in mind for a long, long time; way before all the online bakers showed up. When I was a child, I would imagine having a phone with no wires, and gradually mobile phones were introduced. Similarly, back in grade 7, when I was about 11 years old and Facebook wasn’t too commonly used, I would imagine selling my cakes there- as an innovative idea. But as we all have been seeing for years now, the market has grown tremendously, and I’ve just stepped in now.


What is the inspiration behind this?

Honestly, there are several things behind “Mithaas”. I started baking when I was 7 or 8, watching my mum make her signature marble cake and the like. It gave me more and newer ideas and I started experimenting with recipes and here I am today. I wanted to share my love of desserts with everybody I know. And if talking about the inspiration behind the name “Mithaas”, there’s no specific backstory: a really good friend of mine suggested this name when I was going with “Meetha Etc.” (the name I’d been using before this), then my brother and the entire family endorsed Mithaas so I said why not. It sounded right to my ears and I said this is it.

What is your motivation?
I’ve been baking for as long as I can remember, but mostly for myself and for my family. When I prepared my first ever “order”, for someone else, I was really nervous whether they would like it or not. But when I received positive reviews, it made super happy and grateful, and that is what motivates me to do more and to do better – happy clients and customers. The fact that I shared someone’s happiness with them in a way.

What differentiates your initiatives from other such ventures?
From what I’ve seen, most of the online desert ventures focus on cakes, cupcakes, cookies, brownies, tarts etc. I am a big sweet tooth myself, and I love all kinds of meetha, so apart from all these “fancy” desserts, I also serve several desi desserts too. And with the winter approaching, the menu is going to get even tastier!

What market of the society do you cater to?
I wouldn’t classify my target audience/market with a specific group or class, so I’m open to anybody and everybody. Kids, older people, people my age, people who like fancy stuff, people who love  desi desserts, everyone.

Have you faced any limitations with respect to your initiative?
As a start-up, who doesn’t face limitations? It’s natural, and honestly this is how one grows. I still have to overcome a few issues, but I am hopeful that everything will be resolved soon along theway.

How has the response been so far?
Overwhelming. The joy of knowing people like what I do and that they come back for more, it makes me extremely thankful for what I have started.

What milestones do you see ‘Mithaas’ accomplishing in the future?
Milestones can be in any way: number of orders, hitting a specific number of followers or fans on social media, creating something new, and the list goes on. Alhamdulillah I see ‘Mithaas’ accomplishing most of the things I have listed and I am really excited for all of my friends and followers to see what I’ve planned for the future.




Any piece of advice for people intending to start a similar business?

My advice to those starting something similar would be to just trust yourself and do not panic. Even if you think you’ve messed up, you really haven’t. Improvise and create something new out of it. It is an art and a skill you possess, and you have all the control over it. Do not over burden yourself and do not be too hard on yourself if things don’t go as planned or as expected.Making desserts is therapeutic for me, and the best way to take it as therapy is to not stress out.


We wish Maryam all the best with her venture!

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