Doctors are good at whatever they do, be it patient care, household work or artistry. Pakistan’s very own Dr. Saba Rehman is no different. After completing her bachelors in dentistry from the prestigious institute de’Montmorency College of Dentistry she got married to the guy of her dreams. Her husband, also a dentist, has encouraged her to do whatever she loves to. Apart from running a clinic there are some more interesting things she is doing.

An entrepreneur by heart Saba has decided to revitalize the art of ‘Rilli’ or ‘Ralli‘ (Sindhi: رلّي) . Rilli are traditional bedspreads and quilts handmade by women in Sindh, Pakistan. Rilli has three different categories. There is patchwork, applique and embroidery. Saba and her team masters in all three forms. The designs are unique and complex. Each pattern is different from the other and this is what makes it special.

Saba has always loved arts and embroidery. Even during her college days she would take out time for such projects. Now she has taken a step forward and has setup her own business of threads and beads. When asked what inspired her to make such complicated things as bedspreads, she said, “I have always loved threads and colors. Making bedsheets gives me bigger canvas to work on. I can use different colors and there is still room for more.”

Her products are very different from what is available in the market these days. She is bringing Rilli to Punjab where it is very rare and the market is huge. She wants to take her vibrant and rich art to exhibitions and to the international market where she sees there is a huge scope. We wish her and her team all the best for it.

This young lady is a working woman and a mother of two. She is managing work and home beautifully and is a great inspiration for all of us. Her motto is, “If you work hard with determination you will succeed and do what makes you happy”.

Saba has taken one step forward to rejuvenate the culture of Pakistan and bring back the beautiful traditional art form. We all should encourage her in restoring this exemplary craft. You can get these amazing products here .

Apart from bedspreads the team also make other interesting products like these graceful Quran covers.

We are in love with these geometrical shapes

Good luck for all the future endeavors! CHEERS