This modern age is ruled by all smart gadgets that execute countless tasks whether work-related or home-related. Their continuous accessibility is a dire requirement, furthermore an efficient charging device that not only powers up the smart appliance but it is able to function in different countries. Uppel Smart Adapter provides diverse functions that makes it an ideal travel adapter that can be utilized in any International ground.

Related imageHighlights and Design  

It’s compact design and neon colors qualifies it for projecting a groovy, aesthetic look.

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The Dual USB Ports are the special highlights of this adapter that provide guarded access to all the devices that are being charged though the socket.

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Image result for travel adapter uppelDifferent Charging Ports

Simultaneous charging is supplied to smartphones, tablets, Digital Cameras and other electric chargers without damaging any of the devices.Related imagePerfect Travel AdapterRelated imagePrecautions in using this Adapter:

This multi-port adapter is specially constructed for energizing all smart electronics. It isn’t adequate to operate hair dryers, curling irons / flattening irons or other electrical appliances that are susceptible to utilize high voltage.

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Safe and Sturdy Construction

This device is optimized to deliver fast and efficient charging.

Uppel has  safety shutters built inside in order to protect it’s users for touching the live parts on the socket’s outlet. The shutters prevent short-circuits, overflow of current and overheating of the devices and the adapter.

It also comes with a Fuse replacement to ensure a Surge Protection from the spiking of voltage current.


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Countries that this Adapter can operate in:

United States,








Great Britain,






and New Zealand

Check out this comprehensive guide on Uppel’s Functionality: