Currently a student pursuing a degree in Bachelors in Business Administration from FASTNU Lahore, the lively Rahima Noor , at the young age of 21 is not only the Founder of Bright Business Beginnings, aimed at  supporting and guiding people  running startups and small businesses , but also the curator of the uniquely stylized ‘Pop-up-Boxes’.

What exactly is a Pop-up Box?

Pop-up-Box is a monthly subscription box based on a different theme every month.The box basically contains various stationary and craft related items that commensurate with the set theme of the month.The interesting part is where the buyer can request for the customization of the box, proposing their personally preferred theme and craft items.


Inspiration behind the Pop-up-Boxes:

Having a proclivity for arts  Rahima started this venture in order to channelize her craft. Reflecting on her childhood , Rahima says ,”I loved doing artwork back when I was in school. I used to be excited to go to school just because of the art period”. That is the very reason , she finds it possible to “paint, knit and make things out of anything literally anything” She also believes in recycling items , using apparently futile items for creative purposes.

Regarding the pop-up-boxes , Rahima says , I make every box myself add everything in it by myself and then wrap them with lots of love and effort and try to bring a smile on every person’s face who ordered it. I try to add different things sometimes-extra things just to make the other person happy.”


Some samples of the Pop-up-Boxes:


Rahima also designs customized pop-up-boxes for her clients.The client settles the design theme and items that they want to be in their requested pop-up-boxes .

The best and applaud worthy aspect of Rahima’s initiative is the fact that she donates 10% of her earnings from every box for a cause or deposits it to Edhi Foundation directly.Since 2017, the time when she started this business till date , she has  invested a part of her earnings  in meeting the requirements of some of the members of the underprivileged segment of the society.Currently she is building a school for around 30 students near a village in Lahore.Be it paying for education of individuals coming from such sectors or  making an effort to provide for their health needs Rahima is one conscientious citizen playing her due part in bettering the world, through empathy and kindness.To support her humble cause ,you all must  seek a glance at her craft!


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