It would not be wrong if we say our hearts and minds are mostly dominated by our stomachs. A delicious and satisfying dish can make our darkest days better. Everyone in today’s world seems to be obsessed with food be it boys or girls, kids or oldies. The love for cooking food can be judged by the number of culinary books, cooking TV shows and the tutorials on YouTube available these days.

When I am hungry and my refrigerator does not offer any respite, I turn to my phone. No, I do not eat my phone but instead I watch all the tempting food videos on different facebook and instagram pages. Recently I came across a new food video page, See Food, on Facebook and I became a fan of the chef right away. Saniya Shahbaz is the mastermind behind the amazing tutorials and believe me she has helped me a lot in cooking and experimenting new cuisines.

Saniya, is a Pakistani settled in Netherlands with her husband for the past three years. We asked her how she came across the idea of posting cooking videos on Facebook. The idea started two years ago when her husband complimented her cooking and suggested that they should start filming the process. They soon had a baby after that so they could not follow up. A couple of months back when they were following other famous food tubers on the internet the idea resurfaced and this time they actually went through it. I am very happy that they started it.

The inspiration behind the videos was a little word of advice from a friend who told them how to stay motivated while starting something new ( I also need such friends in my life to stay motivated. LOL ). As Saniya is a good cook so her husband, Shahbaz, thought this exercise would be the perfect embodiment of these thoughts. Even though the couple thinks everyone is capable of cooking but through this channel they want to “promote home cooking” this is See Food’s official motto as well.

Another factor that pushed her to into cooking seriously was the lack of Pakistani cuisine restaurants in the Netherlands. Lastly, Saniya is lucky to have a partner who encourages her to try new dishes. This has built her confidence layer by layer, over the course of last three years.

To make See Food different from the rest of the tutorials the couple studied different content makers in this genre and then they chose the most effective methods. One thing that separates them from the lot is using hyper-lapse to show the full process and they do not use jump-cuts too often. Plus the regular “baby sounds” in the background give this platform that sense of legitimacy and authenticity that they stand for.

When asked where she sees her program in the upcoming years she said she hopes to get 100 page-likes on Facebook and 100 subscribers on YouTube by the end of 2018. By 1st January 2020 Saniya and Shahbaz aspire to have at least ten times as many (1000) subscribers. And by the end of 2020 they hope to reach at least ten thousand subscribers. We hope all their goals are achieved sooner than expected.


Saniya, is taking See Food as a hobby and not as a profession. She is enjoying every bit of it. It would not be a profession for her until some endorsement revenue starts coming in. She is managing her personal life and her passion beautifully. But of course there are difficult days because of the ever demanding little one.

Her message for the budding entrepreneurs is “In a nut-shell, my message for every Pakistani housewife would be to remember “An empty mind is devil’s workshop”. However little free-time you might get in your daily lives, do not spend it on gossip or pointless/endless TV shows, rather spend it on keep learning something new and teaching something you can already do good.”

Naan and Mutabbal!

Okra Orchestra for the vegans

I’m the person who loves dessert before meal. Semolina cake looks delicious

Yum! Yum! Yum!

Perfect for your kid’s lunch box

Mom can I have this for breakfast tomorrow?

I’m drooling

I am sure your mouth is watering too. So without any delays follow See Food on Facebook and subscribe on YouTube  and try all these dishes yourself. It is true when they say laughter is brightest in the place where the food is.