As technology deems to grow with time making human life easier, it doesn’t set a foot back in creating such appliances that make life in the kitchen easy. So, for the first time in Pakistan arrives the ‘Salad Chef’ crafted by the Germans–meticulously designing every tool to execute its respective function in a simple manner. Let’s take a look at the toolkit.


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1) Protective Cover: used when one blade square is being used.

2) Cut into Strips tool: used to cut any vegetable in strips, such as cucumbers, tomatoes etc.

3) Dicer and Slicer: used for slicing any vegetable such as potatoes.

4) Tool Base with Fan Blades: For slicing fruits like apples, oranges etc.

5) Shred Tool: used in shredding carrots or bitter gourd.

6) Cut Large and Thick Tool: used for cutting up vegetables and fruits in an elongated manner.

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Tad-ah! Salads prepared with perfect precision and proportion for a feast.

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Benefits of Salad Chef

a) Easily stores up the salad made with it in its provided container

b) Low power is required in using this salad making device.

c) Trouble-free cleaning of the tools and the container.

d) Safety operations that keeps you safe from cuts and ensures you protection from its sharp blades.

e) Stainless steel used to prevent rusting and any physical damage to the metal, that could compromise it’s functionality.

f) Easy assembly of all tools, as it comes with a comprehensive manual.


Check out this video for getting a visual on how the Salad Chef functions:

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