Pets nowadays are seen as companions to human beings, and we people take care of our pet, that’s why we always sought to do what is best for them. We care for them, provide the best food for them and most importantly do our best in protecting them and preventing them from being lost.

So, here is a treat for all the animal companion lovers:

This ‘Bubble Backpack’ is specifically designed for carrying your beloved animal companions. Here are the specs of this backpack:

1) Semi-Sphere Glass Window: Animal Sight-Seeing:

This backpack has a glass window installed on the top of the bag to keep the pets safe.

The view given by the glass is quite exciting for your pets as they get to see the sunshine and different scenery and they interact socially the world collectively with you.

There is also an inner leash present inside the backpack for securing your pet.

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Installing the Bubble:

Image result for texsens bubble backpack bubble installing the bubble

2) Ventilation Holes and Fabric Durability:

The PU leather and durable mesh are the fabrics used to compose the backpack.

There are sufficient holes in the sides of the backpack that allow your pet to breathe easily

Also, the carrier’s comfortable and spacious nature wouldn’t suffocate your pet or make him/her sag.

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3) Padded Shoulder Straps:

The backpack is carried by adjustable and padded shoulder straps that help you carry your beloved animal companion with ease.

These shoulder straps have been designed with perfect length and width of synthetic leather that wouldn’t break that easily.

This carrier is perfect for all animal companions that weigh 10-12 pounds.

Image result for texsens bubble backpack straps

4) Parameters and Color Range:

Material: PU, high quality and durable material.
Semi sphere material: Acrylic hand washable in warm water.
Approx. dimensions: 12.99″ L x 9.05″ W x 15.74″ H

Demanded Colors: Coffee, Ash Black, Pink, Dark Blue and Lime Yellow.

The Bubble Backpack comes in the above five exciting colors that are carefully selected for the color compatibility with your animal companions.

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Image result for texsens bubble backpack

Ash Black:

Image result for texsens bubble backpack

Dark Blue:

Image result for texsens bubble backpack

Lime Yellow:

Image result for texsens bubble backpack

So, all pet-parents out there, I recommend you order up this travel backpack and provide your animal buddies with a fun sight-seeing adventure!

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