Inspired by the Chinese warm yellow house lighting, Texsens is a Chinese company that thrives in modernizing the traditional yellow light that is emitted from the lamps installed in their homes. These LED Flame Light bulbs are the revolutionized Chinese yellow lights that induce a warm and humble atmosphere in your abode.

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Where can they be installed?

Well, these Flame bulbs are not only restricted to the internal framework of the house, but can be installed in places like:

  • Shops, Restaurants,
  • Weddings
  • Night clubs, Discos
  • Churches, Hotels
  • Showrooms,
  • Tea Houses
  • As Chandeliers
  • The Buildings outside,
  • Cinemas
  • Wall pillars, Hall ways
  • Gardens
  • On Desks.Related image
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As a decorative feature:

When placed as a decorative feature for gatherings, family holidays and Christmas–these warm colored LED’s have their own aura of warmth, positivity and relaxation.

Recommendations for its usage:

Installation of these flame bulbs in lampshades with frosted glass or in lanterns would give an aura of mystique. These lights are perfect to spread joyful smiles if used in festivals and are absolute in creating midnight spooks at the time of Halloween. Though, they are also an ideal source of lighting up a birthday party, sparkling magic in the air and making it a warm, memorable memory for the birthday boy/girl.Image result for Texsens bulbs


These flame bulbs kindle the image of a flickering flame, as there isn’t any open flame present, so it is completely safe and due to its low voltage consumption, these are an efficient energy-saving light source. These bulbs consume less energy as compared to traditional bulbs and do not emit excessive and harmful heat radiations. Save money on your electricity bills with their low voltage consumption. To be on the safe side, it’s better to switch off the main electric circuit board

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Give these Flame Bulbs as Gifts!

Texsens Flame Bulbs know how to drain away all the distress filling up and atmosphere, so if a friend of yours is upset about what lighting décor should suit their house. Then, here’s your cue gift them these flame bulbs as a gift to produce a rich and festive atmosphere in their humble abode.

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