Transferable tables , designed by Boulan Blanc , an emerging French furniture company aim at being timelessly aesthetic in addition to being technically exquisite.These tables transition from a coffee table to  a dining table ,that too in a second , hence constituting a spatially and economically conducive interior design product.



The company Boulan Blanc claims to seek  inspiration behind the creation of these transferable tables from aeronautics and watchmaking.The perfect and precise curves of the table are directly inspired by propeller design and aircraft wings.These transferable tables draw inspiration from the watch pieces in a way that an apparently  simple looking exterior , houses  complex mechanisms of operation.


Structural specifications and Features

  • Sits 4-5 people
  • Quick installation
  • Lightweight(12 kg) , can be operated by a single person
  • 34.7 inches in width
  • 29.1 inches in height when assembled as a dining table and 15.7 inches when assembled as coffee table
  • Available in white and black tops
  • Oak wood used in making the table base


Assembled as a Dining Table

Dining table transitioned into a coffee table


Price: $687

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