Designed by British engineer Jag Virdie ,who has had a successful career in automative design industry working with Bentley , Lotus and Rolls Royce, Conker is a spherical architectural space , having the appearance of a pod , that can be used both as an office space and for residential purposes , as a home.The Conker Spherical Tiny House 001

Virdie believes that the “aerodynamic space of the Conker negates guttering”, making it possible to not only harvest water but also allow solar panels to be easily fitted on its exterior.In doing so , it aims at allowing the inhabitants to create the sort of environment they wish to dwell in.The walls of Conker contains more than 200 mm of insulation , which promises to make it heat efficient, all the year round.

With a hatch like door and steps ,it is  similar to the entrance of an airplane:

 From the inside , Conkers are surprisingly spacious , with some amazing wooden flooring.  Upon need, a toilet, a kitchen and other essentials can be provided for, transitioning it into a home.



  • Weather resistant
  • 13 feet tall
  • 3.9 m in diameter
  • 10 m/sq floor area
  • Installation of the home takes a single day only

The Future designs of Conkers:

Estimated Cost:$45,000

For further details about this interesting dwelling , visit here: