Constructed in 1996 ,the twin Petronus towers of Malaysia, rising to a height of 1483 feet (4519 meters), constitute as one of the most fascinating architectural wonders of the modern world.The towers came to be designed by the Argentinian architect , Cesar Pelli . Employing repetitive geometries and angular designs from Muslim architecture, Pelli’s  design of the tower is indeed an evocation of Islamic arabesques where the eight point star formed by the intersection of squares is an embodiment of this.The twin towers are linked by a bridge at the 41st floor.

Petronus towers at day time

Petronus tower at night time

Structural features:

  • The twin towers are linked by a bridge at the 41st floor.
  • The structure is high strength concrete , which in contrast to steel , is twice as effective.
  • The slender profile of the towers provide 14,000 to 22,000 square feet of free space           per floor.
  • To diffuse intense equatorial light , a curtain wall of glass and stainless steel defines the architecture of the towers .
  • A double-decker elevator system to facilitate thousands of visitors.
  • A super large concert hall for recreational engagements.
  • A Shopping arcade enveloped and surrounded by around seventy acres of public parks and plazas.

Lets have a look at some amazing photos providing a glimpse of what the Petronus towers look like from the inside:Petronas Twin Towers Lobby Inside View

Visitors lobby inside the Petronus Towers

Escalators Inside Petronas Towers

Escalators inside the Petronus Towers


Beautiful Chandelier Inside Petronas Towers

A huge , beautiful chandelier inside the towers 

Shopping Arcade Inside Petronas Towers

Shopping Mall Inside Petronas Towers Picture

Shopping arcade , attracting buyers , inside the Petronus towers

Swimming Pool Inside Petronas Towers

A Swimming pool built inside the towers 

Inside View Of Skybridge In Petronas Towers

The sky bridge in Petronus towers

Tourist Enjoying View From Inside Skybridge Petronas Towers

Tourists enjoying the external view from the tower while standing on the the skybridge 


A popular visiting spot in Malaysia, the Petronus Towers ,in the midst of modernity , tries holding onto the Malaysian roots , by essentially employing the arabesque designs reminiscent of the age-old glory of Islamic Architecture , that till date continues to enthrall and mesmerize people all around the world.