Rising from the heart of Sargoda, Punjab—this Sketch Artist discovers God’s gift of art that breathes inside him, naturally. At a very young age, he was attracted to different color mediums, like a honeybee is towards colorful flowers. This led him to experiment his creative intellect with different art mediums; finally he settled on Polychromos Pencil medium. For an artist it is essential to find which medium he can flow with comfortably. Here are some demonstrations below:

Lets meet the artist behind this spectacular artwork

Artist Name: Saqib Bashir

Genre: Realistic Pencil Drawings

Art Medium: Polychromos Pencils

Art Page Name: Saqib Arts

I don’t draw just because I’m good at it I draw because it’s a part of my soul”—Saqib Bashir

This is Saqib Bashir, he made a self-portrait with his bold pencil color strokes and shades, that gives his portrait a touch of realism. This realistic tone is also exhibited in all the portraits he produces.







Inspiration: He stands alone with utmost belief in himself and God’s art of creativity that has been bestowed upon him. It is he who inspires himself to have faith in the talent his skilled hands hold.

Motivation: Art is a field that involves vigorous and consistent struggle, as it is only after the tireless right cuts made into the coal; a diamond is born. This brilliant young struggling artist is conditioned with the art of struggle demonstrated by his hardworking father.

What differentiates Saqib’s artwork from other artists?

It is the spontaneous use of his isolated blending techniques while using Polychromos pencils that are quite tricky to handle, especially when it comes to bringing realism in artwork. Using mature pencil strokes, he is able to give life to his paintings.

Portrait Realism:

The portraits below can be considered as the visual representation of Linear Art that has been exercised through delicate pencil strokes made on paper to carve out realistic human expressions.

Comparison Art:

Celebrity Charcoal and Polychrome Sketching:

1) Striking Sketch of Kristen Stewart

2) Captivating Sketch of Saba Qamar

Here is how Saqib describes Art:

“Art is never good or bad. It’s an expression of the inner soul’s feelings, a freedom of speech in a very silent way.”

He received the best responses among the people of his own crowd, because he managed to dazzle them with his self-taught art techniques that led him to a significant popularity in his own living space. However, he desires to grow as a Professional Artist, who would one day wish to beguile the world with his distinct and well-defined artwork [Insha’Allah].

Advice from S.B:

He says: “If you accept yourself the way you are and give preference to your productive interest, the world will surely recognize you.”

That is one motivating saying for the young, emerging creative personalities out there. Truly, if an artist believes in the spirit of his art, then his art surely grows with him and expresses itself to the world in a charismatic manner.


Here is a glimpse into the way he makes his portraits:

Contact Pages:

Saqib makes all sorts of portraits with a fervent touch of realism in all of the art pieces that he crafts. For ordering his incredible artwork, you can find him on the following social sites:



Charges for Colored and Black& White Sketches:

Colored Sketches: 5000Rs.

Black &White Sketches: 3000Rs.