A Musician’s career is risky and uncertain, but this ‘untamed talent’ pushed himself with this belief that: I don’t want to get older and regret not having tried.’ So, coming from the depths of Lahore, I present to you: Zuhair Rehan. This ingenious boy grew up in the Pakistani soil, and gradually erupted in the Australian grounds with his soulful music. At the age of 11, his choir teacher awakens him of his melodious voice and then he starts taking vocal lessons at the age of 12.

Skills: Vocalist/Lyricist

Stage Name: ZUHAIR

His Motivation:

His musical motivation lies in familial roots, which comes from his core, his home and his armor i.e. his mother. It is her life’s precious lessons, given to him as a gift on which he builds the foundation of his musical expression. The dialogue from the animated film, Coco fits perfectly here:

“Nothing is more important than family”–Miguel (child protagonist)

His mother’s vital nourishment in polishing his character with all the important human ideals is reflected profoundly through his musical identity. Her spirit and belief in him stands staunchly as the major reason for his music being lush with intricate human emotions.

Major Inspirations:

Creatively speaking, his biggest musical experimentation comes from Kanye West and the ‘King of Pop’, Michael Jackson.Though the themes of his songs are shades of his own life’s experiences, yet his writing style is inspired by Frank Ocean. In addition to this, he vocalizes his songs while stroking it with Drake’s peculiar phonetic and tonal system.

His Music

Zuhair’s music sketches out his anecdotes through his lyrics, blending in his own fertile flavor that intends to connect with human emotions, exhibited by the people of this world. Smudging a ‘piece of him’ spontaneously, in every musical composition is actually what makes his music so relatable for the generations that listen to him and look up to him.

Music, being his only personal therapist makes him strive harder in composing soulful music pieces that serves as an emotional outlet for the troubled masses out there. After all, art heals a person’s wounded soul and music is food for the soul’s spiritual healing.

His Performance and Music Production


He has performed at different educational institutions and charity events of Melbourne, but he received the best crowd response at Monash University’s Ball. He performed for the first time, with his original songs, and this is how he describes that spectacular moment:

There were people in the audience who sang along to my lyrics. It was such an incredible feeling. I cannot wait for the day I have an entire crowd singing my own lyrics with me.”

Zuhair is an independent artist. He works with Alex a2k, who composes all of his instrumentals, and it is due to their strong bonding and hard work, they released the first album: Protégé in December, 2017. His intense loyalty to his music producer, as he says: “I would be nothing without him honestly”, not only reflects him being a team player, but also a human being who honors his moral values.

The Goals he strives for:

Currently studying and managing a job in retail, this musician aspires to become one day: ‘a full-time musician’ in order to financially stabilize himself. Surely, one day he will touch a million hearts with his emotionally fulfilling music.


Advice from Zuhair Rehan to Future Creative Artists:

If you have a dream, pursue it relentlessly. Turn your visions into plans and turn those plans into realities. If you wholeheartedly work towards something, you can achieve great feats. Even if things don’t work out the way you wanted, the process itself is beautiful and you can look back without regret. There is literally nothing to lose.”


Here is a preview of the official video of the song Daydreams from Zuhair’s second album, ‘Franklin Road’, released in June, 2018. Hope you Enjoy!

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