Prepare two foods at the same time:

Ever wanted to prepare two scrumptious breakfast delights in just one go? Well, this Black Non-Stick two in one carbon pan is the perfect utensil for cooking a tasty breakfast for you and your family.Image result for non stick folding omelette pan

Kids love pancakes especially for breakfast, so rather than loading the stove with multiple pans for omelets, poached eggs and pancakes, try this ‘Non-Stick Carbon Steel Pan.’ This non-stick, two in one pan allows you to make sizzling poached eggs, perfect semi-circle omelets and luscious brown pancakes.

These pans won’t disappoint you in readying your breakfast within a limited  period of time, efficiently preparing your meal to serve your family with a happy breakfast meal.

Image result for non stick folding omelette pan

Non-Stick Design

This non-stick pan comes from the US with its firm handle and black carbon steel coating that gives it a dashing look among other skillets. Its non-stick finishing doesn’t peel off that easily, which makes it: dishwasher friendly and prevents the eggs from burning at the base. Though, hand washing it gently with a foam is required to keep its thick non-stick inner and outer layer intact, because the more you protect its layers, the more excellent would be the skillet’s response. The hinge between the two semi-circular pans makes the clean up, super easy without creating a mess.Image result for non stick folding omelette pan

Easy Assembly

This non-stick skillet has an easy assembly, referring to the interior egg poaching tray that sets into the second half of the folding pan, still leaving room for another omelet that can be cooked below the tray. Or, if cooking without the egg poaching tray, then double omelets can be cooked within the same skillet which has been divided with a balanced segregation.Image result for non stick folding omelette pan

Enjoy Quality and Safe Cooking

Its quality, non-stick body assures you the guarantee of its internal coating that won’t erode away, no matter how many times you cook in it. The phenolic handle of the skillet is an excellent choice of material for executing its perfect insulating function, in order to prevent the user’s hand from burning up. Even the insulating holders of the folding skillet protect the fingers from heating up. In addition to this, the base of both pans absorb heat at a mild range that prevents food from burning and getting stuck to the pan.

Image result for non stick folding omelette pan

Here is a video to guide you how to use it: