The Microfiber Paddled Hair Brush is no ordinary hair brush, from its external crafting to its selective plastic bristles and multi-functional microfibers–as it is truly a health care tool for hair.

Design and Stylistics

This Quick-Drying Hair Brush is created with a vent on its lateral side that allows the quick inflow and outflow of air, in order to dry the wet hair strands. This hair brush is fatigue-free due to its lightweight design, so it’s an ‘easy to hold’ hair tool.

This towel comb holds multi-functions because not only it dries up the hair, but it filters out hair knots, its soft plastic bristle have a massaging effect on the scalp.

This towel comb is woven with an intricate network of delicate microfibers that are spread out through the bristles. They absorb 30% of the moisture and reduce excess water, blowing dry the wet hair without using a hair dryer.

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Safety and Hygiene

This towel comb is safer than any hot air hair dryer that blasts a hurricane of hot air on your wet hair, while damaging the outer hair strands and affecting the silky shine of your hair. The health care material in the bristles not only massages the scalp soothingly, but also halts the production of dandruff. The microfibers of the brush are built with anti-bacterial agents that keep the hair safe and the brush fresh with its antimicrobial fibers.


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How to dry your hair and clean the brush?

The Quick Drying Hair Comb reduces the time span of drying hair naturally which is 3 hours to eight minutes, even lesser than 20 minutes of steaming your hair with a blow dryer.

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