Selfie filters or cool digi outline edits?

Natural or filtered camera selfies, portraits or landscape images have become old school nowadays. What’s trending now in the world of digital editing? It is the stunning creation of image outlines while using digital art. Below, as you can see are some examples of outlines created by our very own Pakistani digital artist:

About the Digi Artist:


Chashman Mukhtar is one distinctive artist in field of digital artistry; her artwork is unique and refreshing to the eyes. She is a professional in using Photoshop and other visual editing software. She tirelessly aims to make people smile with her spectacular outlining skills. She began as an experimenter, exploring the mainstream digital art, then training herself in digital outlining. She experimented with different digital illustrators like cartoons, videos, logos etc.

In contrast to different digi artists Chashman charges quite reasonably while providing a work polished with finesse and charisma.


350 Rupees for an outline image.

400 Rupees for an outline with more than one person.

500 Rupees for an animated version.

An advice from Chashman: ” I am not a fine art student and I   have never done traditional sketches, but this doesn’t stop me from what i can do and pursue”