Stylized Luggage for the Style-Obsessed

Looking for luggage that looks stylish with unquestionable durability and can be carried with ease? Well, Arlo Skye Luggage is what you are looking for.

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Arlo Skye is meticulously designed by New York for travel purposes. When summer vacations come along or you may want to visit a distant friend or family, then a feasible travelling luggage becomes an essential priority.

Design: metallic outlook, unbreakable shell, light weight,

Designed with a light weight material, yet projecting an outlook of a metallic shell signifies its ability of being handled at ease without worrying about damage to its exterior. This stainless, dent less metallic colored luggage proves to be a blessing for the style obsessed due to its undoubted durability. Arlo Skye’s luggage is colored with the finest color pigments that protect its exoskeleton from burning up, paint wearing off, scratches or dents.

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Worried about your battery draining? Try this: ‘the luggage with a charger’

Yes, Arlo Skye is the only baggage that comes with its own personal charger

What’s more eye-catching about this product is its in-built TSA compliant fast charger that recharges your tablet/phone four times faster than your device’s charger. Its dual ports allow you to charge up your tablet and phone with an insanely fast speed, you can remove this portable charger with a simple easy click. This portable charger has been manufactured thoughtfully, due to its Aluminum alloy casing and using only LG lithium-ion cells–it offers protection from a power surge.

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What’s new about the Arlo Skye Company?

Well, Arlo Skye recently came out with a new color for its luggage. The ‘Rose Gold Limited Edition’ is a new multiplication to the already existing white, black and white gold luggage. Arlo Skye chooses the colors for its luggage very cautiously, thus the Rose Gold Limited Edition entered the company as the perfect summer carry-on due to its warm hue that blends in perfectly with your residence’s decor.

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