Every one in three persons have experienced motion-sickness at least once in their life. Around 30 million people in Europe alone are suffering from kinetosis. It is so annoying when you have a constant sensation of wooziness. The disorientation and nauseous feeling in a ride, moving car or because of motion of plane in turbulent air can be so irritating and cause the sufferers to enjoy life less. Citroën, the brand that provides comfort, has now introduced SEETROËN glasses that finishes motion sickness. These glasses may look a bit funny and goofy looking but they are a blessing for the people who suffer from this awful disease.

motion sickness glasses

Boarding RingTM technology a company based in France helped in developing these glasses. The technology was initialy made to make sailing easy for sailors but now it is open for general public as well and we must say that it is a huge favor towards mankind.  SEETROËN has 95% efficacy which is phenomenal.

5.5 French Collective Studio designed these glasses. They are made from white plastic and have no glass inside so they can be worn by multiple people. If any person is already using spectacles for weak eyesight they can wear SEETROËN over them. These motion sickness glasses can be worn by adults and kids above the age of 10.

The mechanism of action is that these glasses should be worn as soon as the person first experiences the symptoms. The glasses have moving fluid inside the rings around the eye which change the persons’ axis by remaking the horizon line. It takes around 10 to 12 minutes for the mind to synchronize after which the person can take these glasses off and enjoy the travel.

seetroen motion sickness glasses

SEETROËN is a dream come true for some people. They can now say good bye to all the pills they had to take to avoid motion sickness and can now enjoy the life to the fullest. If you are a sufferer go grab your pair of glasses today.