Some people, places or pictures make you happy to the core. Nikola J Beyer is one person who’s unique photography makes you awestruck and cheerful at the same time. Apart from his regular photography, which itself is very amazing, he has a series of pictures of shoes made from everyday objects. Nikola shook the world by his weird yet brilliant ideas.

Whether you’re a meat lover or a vegan he has something for everyone. There are shoes perfect for different occasions. I’m sure Cinderella would have preferred one of these shoes instead of the glass slippers. Lets take a look at the wonderful creations

My personal favorite are these “snickers”. It is so tempting. I would rather have this in my mouth instead of my foot. These knock off shoes are every chocolate lovers dream.

The sushi flip flop. There is something fishy about this one.

The detox Cinderella shoe is for the weight watchers. Can i have one with just cucumbers because I am not a big fan of basil.

And we have another detox boot. A single corn in the foot is so painful I don’t know how painful this will be. We will need Dr. Scholl’s corn remover after wearing these.

The garden stiletto. I’m sexy and I know it.

Too many veggies. Something for our carnivorous friends out there. I’m wondering how Nikola made this minced meat stay on the foot. Want to see the shooting footage.

All the yummy food pictures were giving me hunger pangs so here is a different one. Presenting to you the newspaper boot. I would love to see the whole Garfield comic strip.

After seeing so many interesting shoes I’m also tired. To see more fascinating work by this photographer visit his instagram account @nikolajbeyer