Airfish 8 has revolutionized the way of travelling on sea. It is one of a kind merchant ship with a body that looks like a slim and sleek seaplane. It is manufactured by a Singaporean company Wigetworks . The main goal of making this innovative ship was to “transform, or revolutionize the high-speed maritime transport industry.”

This new automation has several advantages. It’s very comfortable and has minimal chances of flight accidents. The low altitude flight above the sea decreases the rate of sea sickness and altitude sickness. It hovers 1 to 2 meters above sea level. The best thing is that it can land on the sea and doesn’t need a runway to dock, which makes it accessible to places where the ferries and other bigger ships can not go. It will be a good vehicle for island exploration.

Airfish 8 has the capability to reach the speed of 180 km/hr which is three times more than the speed of ferries. As compared to larger marine crafts it has the ability to go faster with lesser fuel consumption. The unique aerodynamic design and light composite fiber body makes it more efficient. Even high water tides does not effect it’s flight except during take off.

This marine craft is still in trial phase but will be open for passengers soon. It can carry up to 8 people at a time. The company wants to make a bigger and more efficient craft which can carry around 20 to 40 people.

We wish Team Wigetworks all the best for their venture.