These mood lipsticks are a limited Japanese edition created with their ability to change your mood with limitless color tones that give your lips prominence. Their color varies according to the body temperature/pH of the person.

You may have heard, seen and applied lipsticks that shine or are waterproof, but Kailijumei jelly wax lipsticks make their mark in the cosmetic industry as a distinctive brand that possesses multi functions—all in one lipstick.

Lipsticks that make you love your lips:

There are many brands that produce color-changing lipsticks, but ‘Kailijumei’ mood lipsticks stand out in terms of nourishing the delicate skin of the lips. Its waterproof quality of preventing the color to wash off along with a glossy look makes it a pleasing product for gloss-lovers that look for gloss with a matt quality and shine. These transparent, jelly structured lipsticks case an enchanting flower that’s responsible for infusing a delightful fragrance into the lips. Above are Kailijumei’s four exciting mood lipsticks, each holding a core color that color the lips with different shades of the core color.

Dry and Comfortable



Healing and Beautification:

This lipstick not only heals the cracked skin of the lips, but also keeps the delicate skin of the lips exfoliated with its protein enriched jelly while maintaining the aesthetic outlook of the lips.

Therefore, Kailijumei’s moody lipsticks pick their shades for your lips according to your moods, they shine without wearing off, and dripping exotic scent off your lips and most importantly, its jelly is your lip’s personal healthcare. A glossy, color changing, lip healing lipstick that gives your lips the dominance they deserve makes it one desirable aesthetic for exposing those sensual lips.

What’s better is that, these stunning lipsticks are now available in Pakistan with manageable prices.