St. Michael is a a Roman Catholic parish church. It is famous for it’s humongous size and the beautiful wooden exterior. Lush and velvety green lawns makes this site even more captivating. It date back to 1797 but traces of reconstruction have been found. There’s a big dome on one side of the church and there’s a regular gable ceiling on the other side. The church is one of a kind.

The best part is its alluring interior. There’s sublime pistachio green ceiling which is complimented by gold and brown wooden walls. A crucifixion sign hanging from the ceiling can not be missed. A huge chandelier makes the place look even more grand. The walls have lots of pictures of Jesus and Mary, they keep everyone engaged.

This orthodox church is Brunary is one of the four ones in that area which were included in UNESCO World Cultural and Natural Heritage list in 2013.