Each time, FIFA World Cup surpasses itself: may it be the Pakistan-made footballs, or the anthem by Jason Derulo followed by the one featuring QB or the one by Shakira they all manage to make the headlines and score thousands and millions of views worldwide. What skips the mainstream media are the tributes that various designing companies pay to this mega event, which is also the most popular sports event around the years. One such tribute is for toddlers.

Maclaren rightfully addressed the concern as it launched a FC Maclaren Baby Stroller which suddenly became a new niche in the United Kingdom and the USA.

Maclaren pays tribute to the peoples’ game with the FC stroller, a sportswear staple that compliments today’s street-style. Soccer moms and dads will be making moves on and off the field using this agile buggy with shock absorbing 4-wheel suspension and one-step brake. At a price of $375, the stroller is very much at a convenient price since the other products by the company reach $400 as well.

Previously nearly 5 years back, in time with the 67th season of the FIA Formula One motor-racing, Maclaren had developed, jointly with the German carmaker, its new BMW buggy model.

This is of course, at the end of the day, a style-statement for the parents only, though one day the toddler will grow up and feel good that their childhood was indeed spent in comfort beyond imagination.

Rule of thumb: McLaren, the British maker of race-cars and super-cars is not the same company as Maclaren, the British manufacturer of premium baby strollers, known for its 1965 innovation of the folding umbrella model.

On another note, and with an added zero, are Aston Martin’s Silver Cross, which is a noted brand in the world of prams, citing origins dating to 1877 when, it claims, William Wilson, an inventor, created the first baby pram. It is known as the “Rolls Royce” of prams, and rightfully so too. Queen Elizabeth II was the first royal to be carried in it, and since then it has been associated with the British monarchs: in all their alluring lifestyle, a pram as a paraphernalia never lost its status. Hence, it went on in style with the birth of Prince Charles all the way down to Princess Charlotte as well.

So, it would not hurt to take a peek at the Silver Cross prams themselves. They are the best there are, even in the niche market.

And as for the Maclaren BMW pram, Amazon has it on sale for nearly $300 only.

Hence, be on trend this season with a chic black stroller featuring bold white stripes and jersey inspired accents by Maclaren. It will be a childhood achievement for your child wearing Barcelona’s jersey, kicking hard in a FC stroller!