All daughters are princesses for their fathers. Young girls often fantasize being Disney princesses and believing that the magical world does exist. To make their dreams come true, parents can give the perfect gift to their daughters; a clamshell shaped bed.

A Portuguese furniture company named Circu is the pioneer in designing and specializing in décor that gives a ‘magical’ element. Clamshell shaped bed was first seen in the Disney cartoon, The Little Mermaid. These beds then grew popular amongst the girls who had great admiration for Ariel.

Shells are intended to guard the precious pearls inside them and protect them from any harm in the surrounding areas. The thought behind the production of the clamshell shaped bed indicates that the children will be safe and dream about their adventures as a sea princess in the marine world.

The material used to make this bed is fiberglass and includes a rainbow colored night-light inside the top shell. It comes with a round-shaped mattress. Belonging to the niche market, this bed costs around $16,000!