People, both young and old, love to have savory pancakes in the morning for breakfast. The Pancake Pen makes it easier to make customized pancakes without getting any pancake batter on the hands. This crafty utensil comes with a capacity to hold around three cups of batter and a heat-resistant nozzle, which is perfect for one to illustrate their talent on a frying pan!

Any fan of The Vampire Diaries would rush to the store and get a pancake pen to make customized pancakes like Damon made for Bonnie. Cooking is often considered a way to show one’s affection for the other. The Pancake Pen is a great tool for one to share and depict their love for their friends and family by a sweet gesture of making personalized pancakes.

It comes in assorted colors with the ease measurement markings on the side. This creative tool to make the fluffiest pancakes can be purchased online through Amazon.

What’s better than a swift and clean way to make buttery pancakes early morning for yourself or your loved ones?