Balayage is a term which has taken the internet by storm in the past two years. It’s a french word which means dying your hair with freehand. It can easily be done at home and of course you can go to beauty salons for a more professional look.

There are many ways that you could go about styling your balayage. Ranging from blonde to the bright funky colors or  a sunkissed look.

Some top picks of balayage color ideas are as follows.

Sunkissed Blonde Balayage

This is the perfect look for summers and it will transform you into a beach babe.

Neon Mermaid Balayage

We all are obsessed with mermaids right? These shades of neon purple and green look super cool!! Her light blonde hair have been accented with these shades and they look gorgeous.

Valentine’s Pink Balayage 

Whether you celebrate Valentine’s Day or not but you will definitely love this pink look. Show your love for the color pink by getting this look.

Dark Chocolate Balayage

Enchant people by this dark brown look. It has the same hypnotizing effect as dark chocolate. It’s a perfect hair color for winters.

Caramel Latte Balayage

Warm brown hair with a creamy golden blend looks perfect just like your morning coffee.