Over the years man has proposed in many different ways, some more peculiar than others but the ring has been the pivotal part of the tradition. Whether it be Asian, European or African culture, rings are a constant feature in a proposal.

The groom usually wants this to be a memorable event which the couple can cherish for their entire lives. Traditionally, rings have been packaged in heavy silver studded boxes, elegant minimal design boxes, geometric shapes, wooden boxes, chests and the list goes on.

The stealthy Clifton

However good or flamboyant the packaging design, as soon as the fiance sets eyes on the box the surprise is given away. However, Clifton by Andrew Zo (what we would like to call the king of stealth) takes the prize, no one would guess what this slim box would hold, certainly not a ring. With his swirling ring packaging, Andrew’s design doesn’t give up the surprise till the last moment. Your fiance will never realize what is coming her way until she opens the box and gets stunned. Thinner than a wallet in profile, this box is just amazing and easy to carry in the pocket.