Seungmo Lim, a Munich-based designer  created this striking new vehicle concept for BMW.

A blend of coupé-type sportiness and the dynamic elegance of a luxury sedan with a compact design. Large wheels, aerodynamic exterior (low drag) and morphing wheels and body define this futuristic car design.

The Triangular Mesh

The mesh makes the morphing body, as the wheels are turned the body morphs with them. This would ensure two things, Its masculine appeal and improved aerodynamics reducing drag making the vehicle more efficient. The mesh also acts as a detector, alerting the driver of objects ahead.

BMW claims that the drag coefficient for the vehicle will be merely 0.18.

The interior is covered in the same mesh as the exterior that comes alive and communicates with the passengers. The windscreen also acts as a HUD (Heads Up Display).

Voice Command

BMW concept car has no buttons.  Everything is controlled by a voice command interface called “The Companion,” looking like a bright light on the dashboard, does that ring any bells?



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